3 Ways to Embrace Downsizing

So, the decision has been made. You are going to downsize your home.

Whether your current decision is one you’ve made with ease or one that’s been the result of particular circumstances that are beyond your control, the bottom line is going to be the same. Your surroundings are going to change, and things are going to feel somewhat different for a while.

Beginning with and maintaining a positive outlook towards your decision to downsize and the ways it will impact your lifestyle, can ensure the best possible outcomes for everyone involved. Downsizing isn’t an easy milestone for some and has the potential for emotional upheaval if not approached with optimism and pragmatism.

Today, let’s focus on what you’ll be gaining from your downsize rather than the space you’ll be losing or the changes it brings, in order to best embrace the simplicity of your new surroundings and life.

Less Maintenance = More Time

A smaller abode means less space, sure, but it also means a whole lot less work. Smaller bedrooms, fewer bathrooms, and gardens cut in half also equal hours of weekly maintenance saved that you may no longer want to or be able to do anymore. Calculate the time you’ll save not doing the laborious tasks you loathe and begin to consider how you’ll spend and enjoy your new-found free time each and every day!

Less Overheads = More Money

With considerably less overheads to fork out for and potentially less debt to worry about, downsizing can mean extra pennies in your pocket that were previously tied up in necessary bills. Reductions in mortgage repayments, utilities, taxes and insurances can add up quickly, leaving many a past downsizer, with enough money for that holiday they’ve always wanted to splurge on, to invest in future retirement plans or on helping the kids or family. Consider what you’ll do with the extra funds you’ll save and begin to plan your finances accordingly.

Less ‘Stuff’ = Less Stress

Streamline your essentials to relieve stress. There is no doubt that a cluttered home creates a cluttered mind. Downsizing is the ideal excuse to relieve yourself of some clutter! So, reduce some stress in and around your home by purging the items you no longer use and only keeping what you really need and love. Cleansing can be cathartic but also incredibly rewarding – donate any items you no longer want to others who will give your belongings a new lease of life. Commit to keeping your new home ‘stress and clutter free’ and begin to plan how you’ll arrange your favourite pieces of furniture and where you’ll display your favourite paintings and photos. Surrounding yourself with the memorabilia of your life can bring enormous feelings of contentedness and calm, and your move has presented a fabulous opportunity to do just this.

Moving can be a daunting experience at any time of life, and downsizing can present challenges of its own. Enhance your outlook on your move and shine a light on the positive changes and added bonuses that you may not have considered yet. By highlighting the benefits you’ll be able to enjoy post-move day, and focusing on the good to come, you’ll feel better able to embrace your new home with the excitement and eagerness you deserve.

If you’d like more advice or assistance with your upcoming move, get in touch with Pip from Simply Downsize on 0410 691 990, where we can help you to make your next move, a seamless one.

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