Why downsizing can be like eating an elephant

Elephant in the room

Postponing a large task because it is daunting or challenging is completely natural, particularly if it is not urgent.

We all know the feeling of facing a project that is physically difficult or has a level of complexity to it. Like getting on the roof to clean the gutters. Or doing your tax return.

For elderly empty nesters, downsizing is probably one of the most daunting tasks they can face, particularly if they don’t have any family support.

If there is no urgent need to move, it is very easy to put off.

However as we all know, life can change very quickly. An injury, medical issue or death of a spouse often forces the issue and can add a whole lot of stress, particularly when others start making decisions on your behalf.

My suggestion is that people tackle downsizing the same way they would eat an elephant – as the old saying goes, just take one bite at a time.

Making a plan is a great first step. Then divide the plan into simple bite-sized chunks that are easily achieved over a short period.

It may be as simple as emptying out the linen cupboard. Or using a set of coloured stickers to triage your furniture based on whether you want to keep, sell or bequeath it. Of tackling your office, one drawer at a time.

For the heavier or dirtier work, book in one of the kids or grandkids for a half a day a month.

The most important consideration is to take your time and don’t overexert yourself. Just like eating an elephant, you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew!

If you would like to have a chat over a cuppa to discuss your needs (at no cost), give me a call on 0410 691 990.

Or to order a free copy of my Guide to Downsizing Your Home, scroll to the bottom of my home page.

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